Our Heritage

The customs brokers office “Varoutsikos” was founded in 1925 by Georgios P. Varoutsikos, with the main professional orientation dealing with customs operations.

The flourishing of trade at that time, and the gradual development of the port of Volos as an alternative transit trade center, created positive prospects for the customs clearance profession.

In 1956, Panagiotis G. Varoutsikos took over the business, maintaining the orientation of the company firmly in the provision of customs services.

In 1986, the new generation entered the business, the third in a row, with the entry of Georgios P. Varoutsikos, who is still the manager of the business.

Later, with the arrival of the fourth generation, Panagiotis G. Varoutsikos, the company was renamed “P&G Varoutsikos G.P


The Company

The company P&G Varoutsikos G.P. is a modern office with a history of a hundred years, whose goal is the continuous development and ensuring the personalized needs of our customers, with a physical presence in the three major ports – entrances of our country, Piraeus, Thessaloniki and Volos.

Customs operations have been, are and will continue to be one of the most complex parts of a transport in the supply chain. A customs brokers office undertakes to carry out customs operations on behalf and as a representative of the beneficiary of the goods.

All the members of our company hold a customs clearance certificate and a license to practice their profession, which have been given to them following examinations carried out by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. With continuous training and attending seminars, our company members aim to maintain the provision of excellent services and optimal solutions to our clients, in an environment where customs and tariff legislations are changing at a rapid pace.

SINCE 1925


P&G Varoutsikos G.P” was founded by Georgios P. Varoutsikos and its main professional objective was customs brokerage services.


Panagiotis G. Varoutsikos joined the business and later took over the business.


The current CEO George P. Varoutsikos joined and took over, with scope for expansion into other business sectors.


P&G Varoutsikos G.P moves its own private office to the Volos Customs area. The eldest son of George P. Varoutsikos, Panagiotis Varoutsikos, joins the family business and after two years Mahos P. Varoutsikos joins.


The company P&G Varoutsikos G.P belongs to the VGROUP Group, which has expanded business activities.


Why Us?

With a hundred years of experience in customs clearance services, P&G Varoutsikos G.P has created a national and international reputation. Since its establishment in 1925, it has been guided by continuous education for the development of its services, in order to satisfy the individual needs of its customers and provide the best solutions.

The continuous control for the improvement of the Quality of the company’s services has been a priority since the first years of the company and its establishment by George P. Varoutsikos.
Soon were created new Partnerships from Panagiotis G. Varoutsikos, in 1956, who managed to provide excellent customs clearance services in other cities besides Volos, which subsequently marked the trigger for strengthening the presence of our company.
With the introduction of Greece as a member state of the Schengen area, George P. Varoutsikos decided that the company can also develop in other sectors of the supply chain, by providing transport solutions at national and international level, storage and other services.
With the growth of the company in a rapidly developing environment, was presented the need for a continuous search for Innovative solutions and services, which was quickly recognized by the fourth generation now in the company, Panagiotis G. Varoutsikos.
The most important value that marks us since the creation of the company is our members, who over the years have shared our common vision and whose actions are of vital importance for the company’s continuous development.

Our values come from our heritage.